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Discovering one’s true self profoundly is fascinating, enlightening and even, inspiring. The gratifying rush that cultivate our characters.


Gorgeous cabochon gemstones on paradigmatic structures, this collection opens a new chapter of classy-modern. Nimit is rightly the bewildering palette of timeless elegance.


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T.TWINKLE  was born to redefine the world of fine jewellery. 

Inspired by her journeys to many corners of the world, a young and adamant designer has learnt to encapsulate the most luminous impressions of time and places unpretentiously in jewellery pieces. Bewildered, she has made it her mission to retell the world’s most scenic stories through brave architectonics of rare and meaningful gems.

Her hands craft each piece of art to life with lines that built Italian architecture, while her head dreaming of Thai artisanship and traditional know-how in her hometown. She believes that somehow the two sides of the world can coalesce and magically conceive exquisite and ever-favourite jewelleries.

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